Verderflex M500 ac pump for methadone dosing

For several years, pharmacies, rehabilitation centres and prisons have provided a supervised methadone dosing service for recovering drug addicts. The service, provided by MethaMeasure, allows the recovering addict to receive his or her prescribed daily medication without the expense, and risk involved with manual dispensing.The MethaMeasure system identifies the patient via their fingerprints, a pump measures the appropriate dose of methadone for the patient to drink and an automatic record of the event is saved.MethaMeasure have chosen the Verderflex M500 ac pump for its accuracy. This robust pump has a proven track record for a variety of applications including vending, chemical dosing and condensation removal and has a flow rate of 730 ml/min. Contamination of the methadone is prevented by the use of a patented, seal-less design which means that only the acidity resistant tube of the Verderflex M500 ac pump comes into contact with the methadone.The Verderflex M500 ac pump has no internal backflow which ensures accurate dosing without slip, providing repeatability of typically ±0.2% and metering capability of ±2%, meeting the stipulations of both the Weights and Measures and new Medicines Act.