VSX pump selection app

VSX is presenting a mobile application within the scope of the Pump Users International Forum taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany. The app complements the multi-platform concept of Spaix 4 Pumps and will be available for productive use together with the official market release of the pump selection system for Windows and Web.

As known from other Spaix versions, the user can choose between different selection methods: Hydraulic Selection, Product Selection Browser and Product Search by item name or number. The program displays the performance curves, dimensions as well as a detailed product description for the selected pump. The integrated Product Configurator allows for the selection from available options. Selected pumps are listed and administrated in the project overview. Usually, the project is saved in the project database. Thus, it is also available for editing with the Spaix web-based version.

The mobile solution is especially suitable for the use on the go, for instance on business trips, at trade fairs or for situations in which a fast solution for a certain application case is needed. Moreover, a project can be basically created with the app and − thanks to the shared database − further edited and concretized by a colleague who uses the web-based version.