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Wanner International delivers double-digit sales growth

Over the last five years, pump manufacturer Wanner International has achieved an average annual organic growth rate of more than 14%.

“The rate of sales growth reflects just how hard the team has worked to promote and support the advantages Hydra-Cell® technology delivers to customers in our key markets,” said Paul Davis, managing director of Wanner International. “As we look ahead, there are still big growth opportunities and market potential that we are continuing to pursue with many new projects gathering momentum.”

Wanner International looks set for another strong year of sales in 2019, after launching the Hydra-Cell heavy duty, high pressure pump range at Petrotech Oil and Gas Show 2019 in New Delhi in February. The Hydra-Cell T series range, which can handle pressures up to 5000 psi (345 bar) and flow rates up to 359 l/min (95 gpm) 3258 BPD, has a seal-less design with up to five diaphragms in a single pump head, providing a virtually pulse-less flow of liquid.

“With a continued program of technology development and a focus on expanding customer accreditations, we’re on track for another promising year of growth and helping more customers improve their processes and reduce their energy usage,” added Davis.

For more than 40 years, Wanner has been designing, manufacturing and supplying its range of Hydra-Cell seal-less diaphragm pumps for customers in more than 70 countries. Markets include oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, metal working, cleaning and general industry.