Wanner International offers integrated variable speed drive

Integrated electronic control for Hydra-Cell P200 diaphragm pump
Integrated electronic control for Hydra-Cell P200 diaphragm pump

The design combines an AC induction motor with a variable speed drive (inverter) mounted on the motor in a terminal box. Combining the motor & drive together is claimed to be simple to use while being highly accurate and repeatable. The compact design and low weight of the unit complements the small size and footprint of the Hydra-Cell P200 metering pump.

The ATEX approved, IP65, class F variable frequency drive system can be adjusted through a local analogue control knob, graded from 0 to 100%.

Because Hydra-Cell pumps are true positive displacement pumps, flow rate is directly proportionate to input shaft speed and virtually independent of system discharge pressures. Hydra-Cell P200 pumps with metal heads operate at up to 70 bar with flow rates from 2.0 to 221.5 lph although pumps with polypropylene and Kynar heads are restricted to 17 bar and 24 bar respectively.

The company states that the Hydra-Cell P200 with electronic control exceeds the performance requirements of API 675 in terms of steady state accuracy (±1%), Linearity (±3%) and Repeatability (±3%).