Weir Minerals brings advanced belt tensioner to European market

The hydraulically adjustable and mechanically lockable motor platforms allow belts to be checked and changed rapidly by removing the need to re-align the motor each time.

Belt drives are one of the most commonly used transmission systems across almost every industry sector, driving fans, pumps, strainers, crushers, pulpers, compressors and other machinery.

The addition follows Weir Minerals’ acquisition of Sweden-based Gema Industri AB, the developer of the GEMEX system at the beginning of 2012.

Monty Riemann, Gemex product manager at Weir Minerals, said, “Belt drive systems underpin a vast number of industrial processes across a wide range of sectors, because it has a number of innate advantages over alternative transmission methods, being quiet and highly efficient and delivering a large load capacity for its size.

“The GEMEX belt tensioning system removes one of the only down-sides to belt-drive systems – the time consuming process of changing worn out belts – by ensuring that alignment is only done once on installation. The drive transmission is a critical cog in any process and downtime can be very costly, so the potential savings this system can deliver are significant. Now that it is available via our Europe-wide distribution network, GEMEX users will benefit from increased availability as well as advice and support from our team of engineers.”