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Weir Minerals invests in new technical centre in Australia

Weir Minerals' new technical centre in Melbourne, Australia.
Weir Minerals' new technical centre in Melbourne, Australia.

The facility, now known as Weir Technical Centre (WTC), will focus on the continuous development of Weir Minerals solutions to utilise and manufacture tailings based products, as well as the design of pipeline transport systems. The Melbourne-based team will be part of the specialist tailings treatment unit of Weir Minerals Netherlands.

The WTC is able to test pipeline and tailings solutions for customers before they are installed on site. The closed loop pipeline – comprised of one large and one small loop – at the WTC will allow Weir Minerals to monitor flow rates, temperatures, pressures, solid concentrations and power requirements through the system. In addition, hydrocyclone, centrifuge and dewatering technologies can be extensively tested in house.

Terese Withington, Weir Minerals Regional Managing Director for Asia Pacific, said: “Our customers have asked us to help them find solutions for the safe transport, storage and disposal or use of their tailings as a resource, and we have listened. As an extension of our ongoing tailings solutions activities led by our experts in Venlo in the Netherlands, we aim to help our customers reduce their environmental impact including a reduction in the use of water, and recycling or using their tailings by converting them into construction materials.”