Weir Minerals Lewis Pumps celebrates 125th anniversary

In 1891, Charles S Lewis founded Chas S Lewis and Co Inc, a family business that adopted alloy customization methods to furnish custom OEM pump lines for the beer pasteurization and bottle cleaning industries.

By 1906, the company was manufacturing pumps in-house and in 1914 developed its first sulphuric acid pump.

The St Louis, Missouri-headquartered company was acquired by the Weir Group in 1994.

“It is an honour to be celebrating 125 years of developing and manufacturing our Lewis pump range in this ever-changing industry. We have witnessed many challenges and opportunities throughout our history and continue to advance to meet the demands of our markets,” said Bob Elliott, divisional director EHS/VCE for Weir Minerals and former managing director of Weir Minerals Lewis Pumps.