Xylem's Flygt Experior put to the test

A plastic bag, a diaper, and even a towel – none of them can clog the Flygt Experior pump, thanks to its award-winning N-technology.

Watch the video as Flygt Experior is put to the test, all while pumping at maximum efficiency. When connected to Flygt SmartRun, the pump can both reduce blockage and lower energy consumption by up to 50%.

SmartRun has been designed to intuitively find the most energy-efficient pump speed for a specific application, as well as featuring an automatic blockage removal function. All functions of SmartRun are pre-programmed to eliminate costly engineering work for each pump station start-up.

Tomas Brannemo, Vice President Transport at Xylem said, “At Xylem we pride ourselves on developing innovative and smart solutions that solve everyday water challenges for our customers. We are honoured that SmartRun’s unique benefits have been acknowledged with this prestigious award.”