Zettlex IncOder under test

One of Zettlex’s customers, a UK-based scientific research company, has successfully performed tests on an IncOder sensor in extremely low ambient temperatures down to -100°C. Standard IncOders are rated by Zettlex to operate at temperatures down to -40°C.

Zettlex IncOders are non-contact, absolute angle measuring devices that use a inductive technique and may be considered as inductive encoders. The company says that the sensors are suitable for harsh environments such as industrial, military and aerospace equipment – where electrical contacts, optical or capacitive devices are likely to prove unreliable or pancake resolvers are too expensive.

“We’re not surprised to hear from one of our customers that an IncOder is operating successfully below the rated ambient temperature of minus 40°C, as we know it is such a robust technology. However, we were a little shocked to discover that the IncOder withstood such an extremely cold environment down to minus 100 °C.

In the past, we’ve custom engineered IncOders that can operate down to minus 65°C, but this recent discovery has exceeded everyone’s expectations and again proves just how robust and reliable the IncOder actually is.”