Zettlex expands its IncOder range

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Cambridge-based Zettlex’s IncOder range allows customers to mix and match a range of options. The range now includes high and low resolution versions (14 to 21 bit options); IP67 integral cable; servo clamp format with plain rotor; 55°C operating temperature option; and mix-and-match rotor and stator mechanical formats. The IncOder product guide includes more information on installation, zero setting, applicable standards, as well as further details on Zettlex manufacturing and quality. This revised guide is available to download from the company’s website. IncOders are precision, non-contact, absolute angle measuring devices that use a inductive technique and may be considered as an inductive encoder. The sensors are suitable for precision measurements in harsh environments where electrical contacts, optical or capacitive sensors may prove unreliable or where traditional resolvers, synchros or Inductosyns are too bulky or expensive. There is no need for compliant couplings and the rotor & stator can simply be connected to the host product. Precise mechanical mounting is not required and there are no bearings. Operation is unaffected by condensation or dust. Robust, anodised aluminium alloy housings and monolithic constructions are used for both rotor and stator.