Wilo Middle East FZE representatives.
Wilo Middle East FZE representatives.

The pump manufacturer, Wilo Middle East FZE invited consultants, contractors and end users to the Address Dubai Marina Hotel to present their solutions for Building Services, Water Management and Industry. Wilo Middle East presented its latest technological developments for climate control, drinking water and wastewater.
Guests from the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait and Iran were invited to experience the water cycle: from its sources, purification and distribution to collection and sewage treatment up to its return to nature. “Our ingenious solutions, developed over the years, have put Wilo into the position of an innovation leader”, said Daniel Busuioc, Wilo expert Water Management.

With solutions like the Wilo-SiBoost Helix EXCEL, a highly efficient pressure boosting system that combines highly efficient motors, hydraulics and intelligent controls, Wilo contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable world, maximum comfort, reliability and efficiency.

“Innovations like the Wilo-SiBoost Helix EXCEL”, stated Arjan Calis, Wilo expert Building Services, “set the standard for new generations of pumps and pump systems and help to create sustainable and reliable buildings”.

The decision for Dubai as the venue was of significant importance for the seminar. “It allowed us to showcase our efficiency standards and to receive a direct input from a market which is already at a high level of sustainable development and continues to raise the standards”, mentioned Mr Calis.

At the end of the day, the seminar was a success for all participants: existing and potential customers were given an overview of the new technologies of the Wilo group and received answers to all kinds of questions about pumps and pump systems which come up in their daily business.