The company is now offering one unit operating on 100 to 240 VAC input power. Previously, it offered two CycleFlo units, each operating on a different input power. The new CycleFlo controller has the functionality of two units in one,which  simplifies installation.
The CycleFlo controller is designed to control pump speed and run time to deliver precise batching, metering and dosing of fluids at low and high pressures and flow rates. Featuring 32 batch presets and an easy-to-use programming interface, the controller ensures specific and repeatable fluid batches.
The microprocessor-based controller can control pumps locally or in a remote location and operators can use a button on the controller or a remote switch connected to the trigger of a dispensing valve to initiate a batch locally. When operating remotely, timers and pH controllers send signals to the controller to start and stop the pumping cycle once a preset volume of product has been dispensed.