OMERIN Polycable Division, part of the wire-and-cable manufacturer Omerin Group, is promoting its Profiplast PBS-Use cable and carrier. This submerged cable allows pumps at the worksite to be moved by using their work cables without damaging electrical junctions.

Approximately 90% of pump failures on worksites are related to a break in the power-supply lead. These cables are often incorrectly used to drag along, carry and move the. However, as they are not designed to withstand this type of movement, the electrical junctions often give way under the weight of the pump.

Launched in 2011, while still at the test phase, the Profiplast PBS-Use cable ensures that the power supply to worksite pumps is maintained, while a stainless-steel carrier enables the pump to be moved. There is no longer a need to attach a chain or risk of electrical damage.

The product includes the power-supply wires for both the pump motor and the thermistor. This is protected by a sheath to insulate the other electric wires in order to protect them from damage.

The Profiplast PBS-Use cable and carrier is can be used for the power supply of submerged pumps that deal with the collection, pre-treatment, treatment and discharge of waste water and is suitable for pumps ranging from 25kg to 500kg.