Russia will subsidize the purchasing and installation of modern pumps

Vladislav Vorotnikov writes:

The Czech company Sigma Group The Russian government has decided to initiate the program of subsidizing of the purchase and installation of certain types of pumps, particularly those models that save energy at least by 20% compared with standard samples, according to officials of the Russian Pump Manufacturers Association (RPMA).

"On August 9, 2013 has come into force the Government Decree ? 637 from 29.07.2013 that is establishing a list of energy-efficient products and technologies, so the investing in the creation, purchasing or installation of which the businesses can get an investment tax credit. In the list of such models, among others, there were mentioned some of the pumps that are able to seriously save energy compare to the standard samples" - said in a press release of the association.

In the framework of this project the state may subsidize up to 90% of the cost of pumping equipment that will save the energy on the commercial enterprise. In each case, the question of allocation of the grant and its size will be decided on an individual basis. During the first year of the program implementation according to the preliminary estimates of experts the government could allocate about US$2mln in the form of subsidies.