World Water Day 2022: Groundwater

To mark World Water Day, we have brought together a selection of World Pumps feature articles covering groundwater, with topics ranging from solar pumps to water recycling. Read about the importance of groundwater and the pump technologies that are protecting it.

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The benefits and pitfalls of solar pumps

With their low energy consumption solar pumps have brought relief to many drought-ridden areas, but allowing indiscriminate extraction is having a serious effect on groundwater levels. Saumya Jain, managing director, Vinyl Pipes gives his personal view.

KSB's success in solving mine dewatering

Mining operations require dewatering and the safe disposal of potentially contaminated water. KSB’s systems offer the efficient lowering of groundwater in open pit dewatering, underground drainage and borehole drainage applications regardless of a mine’s location.

Choosing correctly for optimum results

A careful choice of surface pumps will ensure that users achieve optimum results. Wim Moors, vice president Marketing Flow at Atlas Copco Power and Flow, gives an overview of the company’s range of products in this category.

Bringing water back to Mosul

A sustainable water supply can often be difficult to deliver, but Grundfos faced the ultimate challenge when it was asked by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to restore a stable water supply to the city of Mosul in Iraq.

Weir makes water management work

The conservation of water is a major consideration for a circular economy. As restrictions tighten, quarries must get the most from the water available. Weir Minerals’ solutions make it easy to optimise any site for efficient water management.

Reusing dirty water

The world’s population is spiraling while climate change is having an increasingly profound impact on the environment putting a finite global water supply under growing pressure. Here we look at how water recycling is becoming a necessity to help ease supply.


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