Aerodyne gate valves move dry materials

The double dump valves from Aerodyne work with low pressure air or gravity feed systems where standard rotary valves are prone to failure. The valves have spring loaded gate arms which open and close alternately, thereby preventing air seepage and maintaining proper pressure. The standard cam-operated gate mechanism is actuated with an electric motor.

The valves are available in three standard sizes of 8 in, 10 in, and 12 in inlet diameters and can handle flow rates from 85 ft2/hr up to 320 ft2/hr, and withstand temperatures up to 750°F. The design of the double dump valves provides low maintenance in dust collection, mixing, batch feeding, drying, material recovery, and gravity fed hopper operations where rotary valves fail.

Typical applications for the GatorGate double-dump valve include dry material handling and bulk material handling in wood, scrap metal, plastics, cement, and various manufacturing industries.