Atlas Copco compressor upgrade

The GA 30+, GA 37 and GA 45 compressors provide greater efficiency, with Free Air Delivery (FAD) and a Specific Energy Requirement (SER) improved by 1% respectively.  The low noise levels of 65 dB(A) offered by new models mean that the units can be installed on the work floor instead of in a separate compressor room. This placement close to the point of use sharply reduces pipework pressure drop and therefore energy consumption; helping to cut costs.

The compressors offer an ‘all-in-one package’ with an integrated refrigerant dryer built into the canopy. They also come with the Elektronikon® controller and SmartLink® for remote management to help optimise the compressed air network.

The GA 30+, GA 37 and GA 45 can be used in virtually any industrial environment and in high ambient temperatures: up to 55°C/131°F for the high ambient version. The design of the upgraded GA range eliminates the need for both an oil stop valve and check valve. In addition, the compressors feature a spin-on oil filter that removes 300% smaller particles than a conventional filter.