Bürkert presents a new type of inline flowmeter

FLOWave is a compact flowmeter for use in liquid media, consisting in an initial version of a transmitter with or without a display and a sensor with clamp process connections. The underlying Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology uses wave propagation for the measurement, similar to that in seismic activities.

A major advantage of the patented technology is that there are absolutely no components inside the measurement tube, so the liquid only is in contact with the stainless steel tube. As well there are no constrictions and dead flow zones in the measuring tube. The inside of the tube can be manufactured with the same surface quality as the rest of the piping and is identical to any other straight pipe section with respect to hygiene, cleaning and flow conditions.

There is no pressure drop or effects of fluids on sensor elements, nor can the medium be impaired by the latter. Standards for tube and process connections in material and size are observed. The sensor selection is easy as this is mainly limited to the size of the tube and the required type of process connection. The device requires no maintenance.

Both the transmitter and the entire sensor, including the measuring tube, fulfil the highest standards of hygiene. The compact design and low weight of the FLOWave allow an altogether lean system design as well as easy installation and transport. FLOWave also meets the growing demand for low power consumption.