Call for papers for 2012 Motor Driven Systems Conference

These include:

  1. Regulatory affairs: the latest information from the motor, pump,  fan, compressor and controls industry on the various international standards that are currently being, or have been developed, with an influence on energy usage and the resultant financial and environmental impact on end users.
  2. Systems engineering: an effective ‘systems strategy ‘ has for some time been identified as offering the largest potential energy savings in all motor driven systems.  What are the best practices being used today and what are the future considerations for improved efficiency and financial return?
  3. Product technology: what are the new technologies that the motor driven systems industry has developed to overcome the pressure to reduce electrical energy consumption?
  4.  Case studies: probably one of the most important elements of the conference programme is the presentation of real life MDS applications.  End users and their respective suppliers/contractors/integrators will illustrate the clear operational and commercial benefits of applying best practice engineering solutions to motor driven apparatus.

The 2012 Motor Driven Systems conference will take place on 7-8 November in Solihull, UK. The committee plans to focus on  the importance of adopting a systems approach to motor driven apparatus for optimum energy efficiency, with the key areas of regulatory affairs, systems engineering and product technology being addressed.This conference will also provide a forum to discuss developments on the impact of electrical motor systems on energy and the environment.  Energy efficiency policies and programmes adopted and planned and the technical and commercial advances made in the application of energy-efficient motor systems will also be addressed.The conference will include sessions where representatives from the UK government together with end-user organisations, product manufacturers and technical experts will present their views.This year there will be a far greater emphasis on delivering  a comprehensive programme of case studies – that is, real life examples of how industry and commerce are saving significant amounts of money through the proven and successful application of energy efficient motor driven systems.