Positive response to MDS conference

Delegates at the MDS show.
Delegates at the MDS show.

Almost three-quarters (74%) felt it met or exceeded their expectations, 88% thought it possible or definite that they would attend next year’s conference and 95% found that the timings of the presentations were just about right.The post-conference survey also revealed that:

  • 47% of respondents attended in order to learn about, or inform others about, a product, technology or subject
  • 24% attended as a result of the quality of the supporting companies
  • 38% attended because of the quality of the programme, speakers or topics.

The MDS Conference took place in order for industry to debate the problems of excess energy consumption, given that electric motors and motor driven systems in industry and commerce, together with pumps, fans and compressors, comprises 40% of the world’s total electricity consumption.It took the form of a discussion forum examining developments within motor driven systems that impact upon energy and the environment and the consequent economic implications. Topics included: existing and forthcoming legislation on energy efficiency; the degree to which standardisation can play its part; system strategies – which ones are in place and which ones could and should be in place; and technologies – what exists now and what is in the pipeline.

The conference also included sessions where key representatives from the UK government together with motor driven system organisations, manufacturers and technical experts presented their views.