Caprari submersible pumps protect town from flooding

When the authorities decided to take action, the work was divided into several phases and called for a significant diversion of the river's flow, the strengthening of the banks and construction of durable protective walls.

Large pumping stations were also constructed and the technological lynchpin of the project was a pumping system from Caprari, equipped with two submersible electric pumps. They were built with sturdy dual channel cast iron impellers for raw water and installed inside large cylindrical reinforced concrete structures positioned in the subsoil.

Caprari's submersible pumps.

The pumps must constantly guarantee drainage, as well as a reliable and efficient service in case of emergency. Caprari is able to ensure continuity of operation thanks to its Non Stop solution, a wastewater pump with four combined anti-clogging systems, which include fibre cutting, back-impeller cleaning, a no jamming system and handling of large solids.

Maintenance is very simple because of the stainless steel automatic lifting system. The commercial mechanical seals of primary brand make inspection easy and economical when spares parts are required. The mechanical seals are separated and the one on the pump side can be replaced without removing the oil chamber, leaving the motor fully protected by the other seal.

The German municipality project also provides for periodic preventive maintenance service on the pumping system to make sure that the pumping stations and the Caprari machines installed are always ready in case of another flood.