Daikin’s VRV products exceed EU compliance levels

Daikin’s VRV products exceed minimum efficiency thresholds for the new EU F-Gas regulation and ENER LOT21 Tier 2 legislative measures, showing how VRV heat pumps can curb climate change.

In  2021, the EU is further phasing down its F-Gas quota to drive the HVAC industry towards lower global warming potential (GWP) alternatives and the reduction of direct carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) emissions. In addition, ENER LOT21 Tier 2 imposes more stringent energy efficiency thresholds to increase the efficiency of HVAC systems.

For VRV systems, LOT21’s Tier 2 requirements increase the minimum efficiency from 181% to 189% in cooling, and from 133% to 137% in heating. Daikin VRV heat pumps exceed these minimum efficiency thresholds, offering efficiencies up to 302% in cooling and 170% in heating.

Daikin has a portfolio of products to create a sustainable future for the HVAC industry. These include the new VRV 5 series that uses lower GWP R-32 refrigerant, reducing GWP by two-thirds compared to R-410A and to meet the EU’s goal for F-Gas reduction is Daikin’s LOOP, a circular economy programme to reclaim and re-use refrigerant.