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Daikin Europe’s VRV R-22 replacement and water cooled VRV ranges upgraded

Daikin’s water cooled VRV-W series for taller buildings and geothermal applications incorporate the latest VRV IV technology.
Daikin’s water cooled VRV-W series for taller buildings and geothermal applications incorporate the latest VRV IV technology.

Time is running out for systems running on R-22, with a total European ban coming into force after 31 December 2014. While systems containing R-22 can still be operated beyond the ban, they can no longer be serviced. In case of a breakdown, this could mean long and unplanned downtime as R-22 will no longer be available, so businesses should consider replacing their systems now. For installers, encouraging clients to replace their systems sooner, rather than later, could avoid a potentially unmanageable peak in work load in the run-up to the ban.

Daikin Europe’s VRV IV Q series is an alternative to complete system replacement. It uses R-410A refrigerant gas, which is widely available on the market,yet allows existing R-22 pipework to be retained.

VRV IV Q series

The VRV IV Q series also potentially allows controllers and indoor units installed since 1996 to be retained, so only outdoor units and heat recovery branch selector boxes have to be replaced, thus spreading costs and minimising disruption to business operations. Less waste is produced and cost savings of up to 50% can be achieved when compared with replacing an entire system. Changing to VRV IV-Q also means energy bills can be reduced by up to 70%.

VRV IV W-series

VRV IV W-series is designed for taller commercial buildings and geothermal applications. High seasonal efficiencies through variable refrigerant temperature technology and easier installation and configuration using the VRV IV configurator are also features of Daikin Europe’s water-cooled VRV IV-W series.

The water-cooled range is ideal for taller buildings where the maximum allowable refrigerant piping of air-cooled systems could be exceeded or where there is little space to site outdoor units. The compact and lightweight units can be stacked to save even more space, with the 8HP unit weighing just 149 kg and being under 1 m high. They are also quiet, making them suitable for areas with more stringent noise restrictions.

The geothermal variant has also been upgraded, giving superior efficiency, even in the most extreme climates, as the temperature of groundwater remains relatively stable. In geothermal mode the inlet water temperature can be as low as -10°C in heating and 6°C in cooling.  Additionally, the geothermal and standard series are now available as one model, making stock management easier. A water filter is provided as standard on all models, resulting in lower installation costs .

European market

As with all VRV IV systems, VRV IV-Q and VRV IV-W heat pumps are designed specifically for the European market and are manufactured in Europe, so lead-in times are short. Both models can be used with Daikin Europe’s wide range of fan coil, ventilation and air handling units and Biddle air curtains and can be used to produce hot water.

Daikin products are distributed in the UK by Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Europe NV, and Space Airconditioning plc, the largest independent Daikin distributor.