Diaphragm pumps now available with Injected molded PE pump chambers

The Quattroflow 1200SU-M Series single-use pump.
The Quattroflow 1200SU-M Series single-use pump.

Almatec has announced its Quattroflow brand of positive displacement quaternary diaphragm pumps has expanded, with its 1200SU-M Series Single-Use Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps now available with plastic pump chambers engineered with injected molded polyethylene (PE).

Manufactured to be a more cost-effective alternative to standard solid plastic pump chambers, these injected molded PE pump chambers are assembled under controlled and clean conditions to accommodate a wide variety of pharmaceutical and biotech systems.  

Equipped with a product wetted plastic pump chamber that can be replaced as a complete unit, Quattroflow 1200SU-M Series single-use pumps have been specifically designed to meet the needs within demanding biotech and pharmaceutical applications.

The simple disposal of the pump chamber saves time and money, removing the need for extensive cleaning, sterilisation and complex cleaning validation. In addition, 1200SU Series pumps reduce downtime between batches and are quick and easy to change, Almatec stated this week.

“The use of Quattroflow single-use pumps create a quicker production process, as well as one that delivers the required levels of product purity and sterility with no harm to the product and no chance for costly cross-batch or cross-product contamination,” said Dr. Andreas Freri