EagleBurgmann gas-lubricated seals for centrifugal pumps

The bi-directional gas-lubricated Cartex® GSDN seals can be installed to standardise new pumps or to recondition existing pumps which have conventional stuffing box packings or liquid-lubricated mechanical seals.

The characteristic design feature of the Cartex series is the seat and shaft sleeve which rotates along with the pump shaft while the springs remain stationary. A self cleaning effect is produced by the internal pressurization combined with centrifugal forces.  This self cleaning effect prevents harmful contamination and increases operational reliability. The Cartex® GSDN has two outstanding features, high axial tolerance and the absence of dead space.

The Cartex® GSDN has wide sliding faces which ensure high gas film stability. U grooves are a standard feature and enable bi-directional operation of the seal.  Silican carbide face materials and a high-strength DLC coating ensure optimal performance in continuous operation. The double-balanced Cartex ® seals are designed to remain closed and balanced if there is a critical situation during start-up and shut-down or if a fault occurs in the buffer gas supply.