Eccles engineering firm begins £1m pipeworks project

The company is installing a revolutionary new heating and chilled water pipe system that uses cutting-edge materials - in keeping with the forward-thinking theme of the two buildings, known as No.1 Spinningfields and the XYZ Building.

Internal works are well underway on the No.1 Building, which will be 24 storeys high, home to 343,000 square foot of flexible office space and a skyline restaurant. J Fletcher will fit some 3,000 metres of tube to the plantrooms. The XYZ Building is a 160,000 square foot project and the company will install 5,000 metres.

The firm plans to utilise new technologies in pipeworks by designing an advanced system made from stainless steel instead of using traditional carbon materials. It frequently works with stainless steel on commercial projects because the high chromium content in the alloy forms an invisible layer on the steel, to prevent corrosion and staining; which in turn dramatically extends product life.

No. 1 Spinningfields

Steve Fletcher, director at J Fletcher Engineers explained that the company is using thin-wall stainless steel as it’s much lighter, so health and safety risks during installation are greatly reduced. It’s also cost-effective; corrosion is limited so the material offers a much longer lifespan than carbon steel; a lifespan of up to 40 years.  

No. 1 Spinningfields is expected to be completed in summer 2017. The 10-storey XYZ Building is due for completion this summer. The combined project worth is estimated to be worth more than £100m to the city of Manchester.