Edwards unveils new series of oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps

Edwards Vacuum has launched a new oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump for low and medium vacuum in industry and research.

The E2S 85 from Edwards Vacuum.
The E2S 85 from Edwards Vacuum.

The E2S series has a simple design and is suitable for vacuum drying and degassing, heat treatment and vacuum furnaces, as well as for leak testing of components and systems in automotive manufacturing, coating applications, research and development and analytical applications.

Edwards offers the E2S series in three pump sizes – the E2S 45, E2S 65 and E2S 85.

"It pumps quickly, handles any vapours that arise and, with its quiet operation, helps to reduce the noise level in working environments," said Edwards product manager Jessie Huang.

The high pumping speed of the E2S helps to shorten cycle times and increase production capacity in standard processes.

“An important advantage: the higher throughput is achieved without additional energy requirements, so the ecological footprint is not increased," explained Huang. The pumping speed of the E2S is 90 m3/h and enables an ultimate vacuum of 3 x 10-3 mbar. At ultimate pressure, the performance of the E2S meets the requirements of industrial applications. For special performances, Edwards offers optional standard combinations of two-stage E2S pumps including a mechanical booster.