Electric supply pump for high pressure applications from Graco

The new Graco E-Flo DC pump features an energy efficient electric brushless DC motor that stalls under pressure and changes speeds to maintain constant fluid pressure, similar to a pneumatic air motor.

Designed for high-pressure applications such as waterborne spraying or moving high viscosity materials, the E-Flo DC supply pump can be operated by maintaining either constant pressure or a constant flow rate. According to the manufacturer, it is five times more efficient than similarly sized pneumatic pumps, resulting in significantly lower electric bills for the end user. In addition, this electric pump operates quietly – more than 20 db quieter than OSHA’s continuous sound threshold for an eight hour work day.

Protection from premature wear

To protect the pumps from premature wear, the E-Flo line was developed with an integrated runaway protection system that is standard on all models. Fitted with runaway protection, the E-Flo DC pump automatically shuts off if the flow rate exceeds a targeted maximum value. The pumps have a small footprint and require only single-phase 220 volt, 50/60 Hz power with no Variable Frequency Drive required.