Graco at WEFTEC

Husky 1050e

This is the first release in Graco's new line of Husky e-Series electric operated diaphragm pumps. This product takes the benefits of diaphragm pump technology such as self-priming, running dry, stalling under pressure, and combines it with the energy efficiency and increased control of an electric drive.

Graco claims that this is the only electric pump on the market that can stall under pressure without additional sensors and has the ability to reduce pulsation without the need for expensive and cumbersome pulsation dampeners.


The SoloTech product line is going to be replacing the current Graco EP Peristaltic pump line. Graco has installed longer lasting hoses along with a metal roller with bearings for constant compressions and constant flow output to improve accuracy for the user.  Graco also has a new offering with a brushless DC motor coupled with Graco's controller that lets the user perform batching options or run the pump to a specified pressure.


The ChemSafe line is a new line of PTFE and UHMWPE diaphragm pumps that solves the leakage issue other PTFE pumps have in the aggressive chemical market. They feature a unique dual tie-bolt design that puts forces on the pump joints in two directions to prevent fluid leakage.