Fuji Techno's metering pumps offer superior accuracy

Because of their unique design, the Fuji Techno pumps produce no pulsations in the flow of liquid.
Because of their unique design, the Fuji Techno pumps produce no pulsations in the flow of liquid.

According to Andrew Fallows, managing director of Motor Technology, the UK-based European agent for Japanese company Fuji Techno, no other pump in the world is able to match the accuracy and performance of the SMP.  Metering pumps typically offer accuracy in the region of ±1%.

Fuji's Super Metering Pumps consist a pump head, an electric motor and a triple plunger system driven by a specially designed cam that controls the motion cycle of the plungers. The liquid being pumped enters and exits the pump head through suction and discharge valves, filling each of the three chambers with a precise volume of liquid as each plunger withdraws on its suction stroke. The liquid is then discharged as each plunger re-enters its chamber.

The timing of each plunger's suction and discharge cycle is precisely controlled by the cam, so that the total liquid discharged from the pump is highly accurate and constant with no pulsations in the flow.

The plungers are designed to make different motions in six stages within one revolution of the cam and in harmony with each other. For example, the first plunger starts its discharge stroke with the cam at 0 degrees, the second plunger starts at 120 degrees, and the third at 240. It is this operation that ensures constant flow with no pulsations. Specially designed suction and discharge valves result in smooth movement of the check balls minimising wear to the valve seats, ensuring high accuracy is maintained over long periods of operation.

Typical applications for the SMPs include pharmaceutical and chemical processing, urethane and other resins, chromatography, explosives, food processing, film, spraying and coating applications, cosmetics line mixing for liquids, feed for extruders and water treatment.