Grundfos supplies pumping stations for China’s Jingxin Expressway

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The Jingxin Expressway, which is still under construction, stretches 2500 km from Beijing to Urumqi in North Western China.

The Grundfos pumping stations are located on an 815 km stretch from Linhe to Bai Geda south of Mongolia.

“It goes without saying that availability of water is important. Working in a remote area like this comes with some challenges. Almost no people live along parts of the expressway, which makes the reliability of the water supply system very important. We need high quality equipment, as it is not easy to have service technicians coming to the sites,” said Qin Guo Zhang, project manager at the Shuangan Yongji Industrial Technology Co Ltd, who handled construction of the Jingxin Highway.

The highway runs through the Gobi desert, where the environment is harsh. Extreme temperatures can put high demands on both the equipment installed and the people working there.

“Because of the environment, working conditions on site are tough. Installation must be handled fast as living conditions for the people working here are poor and the equipment must be resilient,” said Zhang.

The large, prefabricated fiberglass stations were ready to work from day one on site.

Grundfos sees further water supply opportunities for the company in China.

“The Jingxin Expressway is not the only one of its kind, and it opens new opportunities for us in the water supply industry. For instance, water supply along long railway stretches as well as other highways. At the same time being chosen for a high priority project such as the Jingxin Expressway also strengthens Grundfos reputation in the business,” said Jason Dang, senior sales manager for Water Utility, Waste Water and Water Supply at Grundfos China.