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GXR range address submersible draining applications

The GXR stainless steel pump range from Calpeda is available in three sizes - GXRm9, GXRm11 and GXRm13. The first production release includes automatic versions with float switch and 10 m cable. Following models will be manual versions without floats and future developments will include 110 volt options and versions with a vertical magnetic float switch.

According to Calpeda, the GXR range is suitable for a number of applications. These include transporting clean water containing solids up to 10 mm grain size. The GXR range can be used for draining rooms or emptying tanks, as well as extraction of water from ponds, streams or pits, and rainwater collection. The range can also be used for irrigation purposes.

The company adds that the range offers low cost installation. A vertical, upward delivery port is suitable for installation in small pits, without the need for an elbow on the pump. All parts in contact with the liquid, inside and outside the pump, are in chrome-nickel stainless steel. There is easy adjustment of the float and replacement of the capacitor. The pump also offers additional safety measures. The motor is cooled by the pumped water passing between the motor jacket and the external jacket. The double shaft seal with oil chamber separates the motor from the water and provides further protection against accidental operation when dry. A suction strainer with a double row of holes provides for extra safety against clogging.