Hydraulic Institute elects new 2010 board of directors and officers

Dennis Ziegler, president and CEO of GIW Industries Inc, is the newly elected chairman of the Hydraulic Institute board. Ziegler served as 2009 president of the pump association. Ken Napolitano, president, ITT Residential & Commercial Water, takes on the Hydraulic Institute presidency. Napolitano served as the Hydraulic Institute’s vice president, Knowledge & Education in 2009.

Dave McKinstry, vice president, IMO Pump, was re-elected vice president of Technical Affairs; Dean Douglas, president, Dover Pump Solutions Group will serve as vice president, Member Services; and Jim Swetye, regional training manager, Grundfos Pumps USA, is the new vice president, Knowledge & Education.

The other board members include Sven Olsen, president, Leistritz Corp; Mike Medaska, vice president, ARO Fluid Products; Rich Heppe, president, Industrial Motors & Systems, Emerson/US Motors; Mike Sutter, VP and GM, Flowserve Flow Solutions Group; Chad Tuttle, COO Americas, ClydeUnion; Dave Brockway, president, Intelliquip LLC; Dave Roland, president, Pentair Engineered Flow Technologies; and Tom Conroy, VP and GM, Chempump – A Division of Teikoku USA Inc.