Hydraulic Institute elects new board of directors and officers

George Harris, president & CEO, Hydro Inc, will serve as HI president. Michael Cropper, director, Product Development, Sulzer Pumps (US) Inc remains vice president of Technical Affairs at HI, while TACO Inc president and CEO John White Jr is HI’s new vice president, Government & Regulatory Affairs.

Bob Hendricks, president, Industrial Pump Operations, Flowserve will serve as HI vice president, Member Services; and John Kahren, president of SPP Pumps Inc continues as HI vice president, Knowledge & Education.

Other board members include Jeremy Frank, president and CEO of KCF Technologies Inc; Rich Heppe, president, Industrial Motors & Systems, Nidec Motor Co; Allen Hobratschk, president, National Pump Co; Pat Morello, general manager, General Electric Power Conversion; Robert Pagano Jr, president, ITT - Industrial Process; Frank Rebori, president, Smith & Loveless Inc; and Jeff Wiemelt, president, Sundyne LLC.