platform adds five more languages, the international sales platform for centrifugal pumps from VSX – Vogel Software is now available in Russian, Polish, Czech, Greek and Turkish, increasing the user-friendly aspect of the pump selection tool.

The portal is now also available in Russian, Polish, Czech, Greek and Turkish.
The portal is now also available in Russian, Polish, Czech, Greek and Turkish. - Image: VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE GmbH

The portal was launched at the beginning of 2020 and besides the content of the magazine, the portal focuses on the PumpSelector tool, which brings together buyers, manufacturers and sellers on an open platform. It uses an interface to access manufacturers' data directly, and so can offer users all the information they need clearly arranged on a single website.

Interested parties enter the operating data and keywords for the area of application or the design and are shown suitable pumps based on their specifications. These can be sorted and filtered according to various criteria. In the subsequent configuration, the users select the available options, such as material design or connection.

The cross-manufacturer pump selection via the portal is gaining in popularity, as it enables users not only to search for suitable pumps but also to compare them with one another. And once a pump has been found, it can be ordered directly via a linked online shop, if available. Additional information such as industry news, a company catalogue and a comprehensive encyclopedia round off the online offering.

"We expect the activation of the new languages to primarily improve penetration of local markets, as there are still language barriers that can be overcome in this way," explains Jens-Uwe Vogel, managing director of VSX - Vogel Software GmbH.