ITT Water & Wastewater launch Flygt jet mixers for wastewater and sludge applications

The ejector assembly consists of a nozzle and ejector pipe configuration which enhances the cross-sectional area of the jet and increases the efficiency of the jet’s entry into the tank. Flygt jet mixers from ITT Water & Wastewater are available in five different models with thrusts ranging from 320 to 5,250 Newton with corresponding Flygt N-pumps ranging from 2.4 to 63 kW.

Matthew Szurgot, product manager at ITT Water & Wastewater said: “We are excited to be able to offer our customers a dry-installed mixing solution as a complement to our Flygt submersible mixers. Using proven Flygt N-technology with its clog-free design, the Flygt jet mixer makes it possible for customers to achieve maximum uptime and sustained efficiency of their mixing processes. Unlike conventional pumps that experience efficiency loss due to clogging, Flygt N-pumps maintain optimal performance.”