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KSB announces significant expansion of the GIW MDX product line

KSB has announced what it says is a significant expansion of the GIW MDX product line, with the the MDX-850.

KSB’s line of GIW slurry pumps is designed to ensure optimal wear performance in harsh conditions. The GIW Mill Duty Extra Heavy (MDX) product line is specially engineered to handle the extreme conditions found in hard-rock mining applications, the company said.

“Mining operators are seeing an increased demand for minerals and ores,” KSB explained. “Operators must now consider the costs of pump maintenance and replacement as well as the cost benefit of utilising fewer larger pumps versus several smaller pumps to perform the same work.”

The larger MDX-850 is the solution for operators who need to reach higher production levels while maintaining a lower total cost of ownership, according to the company.

It added: “The MDX is widely considered the best cyclone feed pump available for the mining industry, so extending the MDX product line was a natural choice.”

The MDX-850 is a major step up in size, with an 850 mm (34 in) discharge and 2,600 mm (102 in) impeller compared with 750 mm (30 in)/2,350 mm (92 in) of the MDX-750, previously the largest MDX pump. Design features of the MDX-850 also include a variety of improvements applied to the MDX range in recent years, such as an increased pump width to allow for improved diverter design, and a thickness increase in critical areas of the impeller to improve operation and wear life. Thickened impeller vanes, cast in proprietary GasiteTM 28G and EndurasiteTM, improve wear life, so the lifecycles of wet-end parts match scheduled downtime, KSB said.

The MDX-850 features an improved interface between the suction liner and the suction plate, which allows for the use of a wear ring and hydraulic features at the pump inlet. As with all GIW MDX pump assemblies, the MDX-850 has an adjustable suction liner. The MDX-850 is compatible with the GIW RAMSL (Remotely Adjusted Mechanical Suction Liner). RAMSL technology makes for faster and more accurate nose gap adjustments, KSB explained.

The MDX-850 is designed with high efficiency in mind.

Amy Lewis, KSB’s MDX-850 Product Manager, said: “A significant amount of time and attention was devoted to the impeller hydraulics to ensure it would offer the best performance. The MDX continues to be the top choice in mill circuit pumps and the 850 promises to shatter the barriers preventing customers from achieving maximum efficiency.”