KSB launches high-efficiency circulator for larger buildings

The KSB Group’s new Calio Pro type series is an extension to its range of high-efficiency glandless pumps with continuously variable speed control.

KSB is launching the high-efficiency Calio Pro series in July 2022.
KSB is launching the high-efficiency Calio Pro series in July 2022.

Available in screw-ended or flanged designs, the new Calio Pro pumps have been developed for recirculation systems in larger buildings such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

With their high efficiencies, the new pump sets already meet the requirements of future energy efficiency regulations. Because of the integrated intelligent DynamicControl program, additional energy savings of around 40% can be achieved compared with conventional proportional-pressure control. As the function is purely based on software, no additional costs will be incurred by further sensors or actuators. The pumps automatically gather all required information from their internal signals. The program rules out undersupply in the event of changing system conditions.

Without additional software or hardware modules, two pumps – one used as duty pump, the other as stand-by – can be operated in parallel with automatic changeover in the event of a fault as well as timer-controlled pump changeover.

Installation and commissioning are very simple, as all operating modes, functions and setpoints can be adjusted using keys on the control panel display. The user is shown the set head or, in open-loop control mode, the speed level. Unauthorised manipulation of the operating parameters can be prevented by locking the keypad.

The new type series is available in 25 sizes and can handle flow rates of up to 24 m3/h at a maximum head of 12 mWC. The Calio Pro series includes a volt-free general fault message as standard for simple forwarding to a building services control station.

The fluid temperature range from -10°C to +110°C means the new pump sets are suitable for a wide variety of applications, from heating water to coolant transport and industrial recirculation systems. The pumps are also available in a twin pump configuration as Calio Pro Z.