New design replaces fuel and steering pump combination

The new Haldex Concentric unit replaces a fuel and steering pump combination originally designed for 9-11 litre automotive engines, but also used in gensets and marine applications where the steering pump was not required. The solution is a transmission module (or interface) between the engine and the fuel pump. Since the interface unit functions as the drive alignment between the engine and fuel pump, both the interface housing and internal drive shaft have to be machined to micron tolerances.

In order to achieve this Haldex Concentric has invested in an advanced, fully automated test and assembly system. The system checks components entering and exiting a process and, where a concern is detected, automatically picks up the components concerned and segregates them from the normal process. This relieves the unload operator of a responsibility and ensures that components in the unload station have passed all necessary quality criteria prior to packing.

The new pump module developed by Haldex Concentric has enabled Volvo to replace a partially inactive system without the need to make any engine modifications. Since the design is backwards compatible, it will also benefit end-users should a replacement be required for older power steering and fuel pump modules.