New range of self-priming AODD pumps from The Pump Company

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The Pump Company’s Dominator range is suitable for high viscosity materials such as jam, sauces and curds. All wetted parts are in polished stainless steel AISI 316 and the non-wetted parts are in chem-nickelled aluminium. Clamp bands and wing nuts on the inlet and outlet pipes allow rapid dis-assembly, cleaning and reassembly.

Three capacities are available ( ½, 1 and 2 inch), respectively pumping 20 litres/minute, 100 l/m and 300 l/m, at a working pressure of up to 10 Bar, and a working temperature of up to 100ºC. All can be sterilised by autoclave or CIP cleaning at up to 130ºC. The pumps are equipped with dairy connections according to SMS, DIN or Tri-Clover, except for the smallest capacity pump which has either ½ inch male threads or Tri-Clover connections. The Dominator pumps are also equipped with a patented air valve system, which makes it impossible for the pump to stall and cause production breakdown.