Seven decades 'at the cutting edge'

Caprari: Celebrating 70 years of business next year.
Caprari: Celebrating 70 years of business next year.

Italian pumps manufacturer Caprari is preparing to celebrate 70 years in business next year.

The Caprari Group is one of the major businesses internationally for manufacturing pumps and centrifugal electric pumps.

From extraction in deep wells to distribution in water supply networks, collecting civil or industrial wastewater through to treatment and reuse, Caprari provides specific skills and experience acquired after seven decades in helping professionals in the integrated water management industry. It was in 1945 that  Amadio Caprari established Idromeccanica Caprari, based in Rolo, Reggio Emilia, and by 1950 the company was manufacturing a vertical lineshaft pump for deep wells.

Caprari moved to Modena the following year where special focus was given to Research & Development. The corporate organisational structure was reinforced over the next few years and the company began to export its products.

Its current headquarters in Modena was inaugurated in 1965, and the first submersible electric pump for deep wells was manufactured in 1968, while the first foreign subsidiaries opened during the 1970s.

Its production of pumps for wastewater and water treatment systems began in 1988, and the use of CAD/CAM systems for the design and manufacturing processes started at the beginning of the 1990s.

The company opened a new logistics facility and training centre to provide a further boost to the specialist training work performed since the 1970s, and it claims to have created 'the most advanced computing tools and digital technologies' with the iPump Portal, a user-friendly web 'container' .

Its pioneering K-Kompact series pumps for treating and conveying wastewater was introduced in 2005, and the new High Flow Line Series of multistage and single stage vertical lineshaft and surface pumps for high flow rates was launched in 2012, with its factory further enlarged the following year. Caprari now has three production sites:  the headquarters in Modena, the factory in Rubiera (Reggio Emilia) where submersible motors are manufactured and since 2010, Caprari Pumps Shanghai dedicated to the Chinese market.

In addition, there is a fourth enterprise, Fondmatic SpA, a foundry situated in Crevalcore (Bologna).

Caprari operates in 80 different countries throughout all five continents with over 600 dealers in a widespread distribution network.