Yamaha introduces new line of submersible water pumps

The SP20E line was designed for multipurpose use with utility in both commercial and residential projects and features the SP20E, SP20ET and SP20ESM dewatering electric submersible pumps. These all-new submersible pumps offer a greater variety of options to customers and can be used in commercial construction projects from excavations to will castings, as well as in residential use from the draining of flooded basements to swimming pools.

The SP20E pumps are combine reliability and efficiency in a lightweight package. Ranging from 24 to 33 pounds, the lightweight pumps are capable of pumping up to 79 gallons per minute (GPM) or 4,740 gallons per hour (GPH) through a two-inch outlet for quick and easy dewatering.

The SP20E and SP20ET models are built with a durable cast iron design to handle heavy usage and tough applications, while the SP20ESM offers a much more compact design, incorporating an impeller and casing manufactured from a blended rubber compound providing maximum wear resistance, up to three times over cast iron and the unique design allows for either vertical or horizontal discharge applications.