The Danish pump company has its North American headquarters in Olathe, Kansas, where KU alumnus Greg Towsley is director of regulatory and technical affairs. Towsley currently chairs KU’s mechanical engineering advisory board.

Towsley said that because Grundfos focuses on sustainability in buildings regarding energy and water efficiency, it was important that the gift supports projects in these areas, such as those accomplished through the KU EcoHawks project. EcoHawks students apply mechanical engineering techniques to solve real-world problems, taking energy, environment, economics and ethics into account.
“We thought EcoHawks would be a good place to utilise this donation,” said Towsley. “By being involved in the school, I have been able to see the importance of a mechanical engineering education, the senior projects, and interdisciplinary cooperation.”
“I feel very strongly about how great it is that Grundfos has developed a multi-faceted partnership with the School by significant involvement and funding pump research and sustainability-type projects, and now an endowed fund,” said Ron Dougherty, KU Mechanical Engineering department chair. “This gift is unique from the vision of the company’s supportiveness. It’s obvious they want to promote growth in sustainability and alternative energy sources, as well as enhancing student education.”