This model is part of the company’s delivery programme which will double to around 500 pump types by the beginning of 2017.  The new 50GY series comprises 12 electrical waste water submersion pumps made cast iron that can be installed in a free-standing position. With a motor output varying between 1.1 and 9.5 kW, they can pump up to 510 litres per minute to pumping heights of 68 m.

To ensure that the waste water can flow without blockages, the company uses an open multi-vane impeller that turns at a speed of 2850 rpm. The grinder mechanism with its stationary cutting ring and rotating blade, chops the solids in the waste water in fractions of a second.  This addition has allowed the company to make the outlet diameter just 50 mm to allow pipe cross-sections down to DN50, which in turn keeps materials and installation costs low.  

Tsurumi’s new grinder waste water pump 50GY