Acquisition expands AxFlow’s operations in the Balkans

AxFlow GesmbH Austria, part of the AxFlow Group, has acquired VIP Tehnika, a Slovenian company specialising in the sale and service of pumps for water and wastewater applications.

Located in Maribor, Slovenia, 40km from AxFlow’s office in Graz, Austria, VIP Tehnika provides AxFlow with a second base from which to grow its operations in the Balkans, particularly in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, and Austria.

Founded in 1991, VIP Tehnika is a distributor of centrifugal pumps including Lowara, Vogel, Calpeda and Pedrollo. The company’s main activities cover sales, installation, commissioning, pump repairs, assembly and system integration. The company also designs and manufactures small pump systems, including control panels for the protection of pumps and regulation of constant pressure or flow. Pump servicing and repairs can be provided both on-site and in the company’s own service centre and stock management facility.

“With almost 30 years of experience in selling and servicing centrifugal pumps, VIP Tehnika is a perfect fit for AxFlow Austria and our positive displacement pump portfolio,” said Andreas Lippitsch, managing director of AxFlow GesmbH. “Furthermore VIP Tehnika brings to the table a highly skilled and professional workforce and a well-equipped, modern service facility. Like AxFlow, VIP Tehnika operates in the food, beverage, industrial and chemical sectors, but its particular strength is its presence in water and waste water markets.”

Božo Himelrajh, managing director and founder of VIP Tehnika, said: “For us, this acquisition means a new challenge, access to new technical knowledge and new business connections. We also see possibilities of selling our products in new markets outside of the Balkans and learning new market approaches from the best.’’

“The acquisition is a strategic move that enables a synergistic approach for both companies and enables AxFlow Austria to expand its geographical presence and for both operations to offer existing and potential customers a greater range of products and support services,” said Ole Weiner, CEO of AxFlow Holding.