Armstrong International wins Industry Innovation Award

Armstrong’s Brain Model DRV80 has thousands of successful installations and is the basis for design at some of the world’s largest and most prestigious hotel chains, retirement communities and consulting plumbing engineering firms. Armstrong introduced the first electronic Brain in 2005 and has since expanded its digital technology platform. Most recently, Armstrong displayed an ASSE 1070 compliant digital hands free six-outlet valve for lavatories and a 1016 compliant version for showers. Certification testing is in process. Paul Knight, director of global hot water markets for Armstrong said: “We’ve changed the way people think about re-circulated mixed water temperature control. Digital technology refines water temperature control across the entire hot water system to a level previously deemed unattainable. There is no doubt that The Brain overcomes zero demand temperature creep issues, manages temperature fluctuations and contributes to enhanced system performance and user safety.”