Busch develops Mink MV claw vacuum pump

The new Mink MV claw vacuum pump series has significantly lower noise levels and operates in the same way as the previous series, according to the dry and non-contact claw principle. This means that no operating fluid is required in the compression chamber, so the need for associated maintenance, such as oil and filter changes, is eliminated. In addition, because of the non-contact operation, there are no wearing parts to be replaced.

The lower noise level is achieved through a newly developed silencer located under the vacuum pump, which reduces the amount of space required.  The Mink MV claw vacuum pumps are equipped with electric motors that comply with the latest energy efficiency and further energy savings are possible through frequency-controlled motors (optional), which operate according to demand

Busch is offering the new Mink MV series in pumping speed sizes between 300 and 120 m3 per hour. The ultimate pressures are 150 and 200 millibar depending on the size.  

The new Mink MV 0602 B claw vacuum pump