LabTecta bearing protection range now ATEX certified

LabTecta cross section.
LabTecta cross section.

 Aesseal is offering a complete range of patented bearing protection products with full ATEX certification, complimented by an ATEX service support network to its customers.  

Complying with ATEX directive 94/9/EC, the LabTecta is the first range of bearing protection products to be certified to the latest harmonised EN Standards, which adds to the list of ATEX certified product from Aesseal.

Research suggests bearing failure accounts for 20.8% of all rotating equipment downtime, with bearing contamination attributed as the major cause.  

LabTecta is specifically designed to prevent the ingress of water and dirt and the egress of lubricant which reduces the chance of bearing failure.

The design utilises centrifugal forces to open and close micro gaps in the seal to ensure the application can breathe when running, but is perfectly sealed from contamination when it stops running and the forces cease.The Aesseal technical team has the expertise, experience and know-how to assess ATEX applications to ensure compliance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.

Along with ISO 29001 accreditation, Aesseal has the experience, technical proficiency and extensive performance data, to select the correct solution for specific applications.