New replacement tool for wastewater pumps

The Grundfos Replacement Tool is designed to offer the correct SE/SL replacement with S-tube impeller for damaged or inefficient wastewater pumps. Users type in the product name of the existing pump and a list of qualified options appears.

"The online Replacement Tool has made it really easy and much quicker to find the optimum alternative to an old pump," said Damien Kelly, sales engineer at Grundfos distributor Liquitech.

"It is great that you are notified about differences in sizing as space is often an issue in installations".     

The performance of the recommended SE/SL pumps can be compared with a range of parameters and it is possible to set the duty point interactively to see the corresponding performance curves. "I can now easily outline the pros and cons to customers by showing them different curves," added Mr Kelly.

Once the pump selection has been made, a PDF of the chosen pump's data sheet is ready for download. This includes product number and/or adapter number to facilitate the ordering of the replacement pump.