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Sulzer Pumps launches new intelligent dewatering pump

The dewatering pump is available in two series, one for drainage (the XJ pump) and one for sludge (the XJS pump), the ABS submersible dewatering pump range is the world's toughest and smartest dewatering pump. The ABS submersible dewatering pump range come with two electronic intelligence features. Called AquaTronic and AquaPlug, Sulzer claims that these two features save energy, reduce wear and allow pump condition to be checked without disassembly. Major benefits that include: • Correct motor rotation • Motor protection • Rapid assessment of operation/fault history • No control panels required • Reduced energy consumption and wear Building an intelligent dewatering pump means eliminating electrical control panels. The AquaTronic unit integrates electronic intelligence into the pump, while the AquaPlug control and monitoring module integrates it into the power supply. The AquaTronic unit, pumping with the ABS submersible dewatering pump range, starts immediately with full capacity and runs consistently. The direction of impeller rotation is always correct, as the AquaTronic unit electronically compensates for incorrect phase order. Sulzer claims that this is a first among dewatering pumps. In addition, the unit prevents unnecessary servicing. With its USB link and a connected PC, pump diagnostics can be carried out rapidly and easily, without disassembly. AquaPlug provides a range of control and monitoring functions, including automatic stop/start, optional level control, alarms and service indication. Although the pump can be run continuously, AquaPlug can also be used to stop it when snoring. By stopping at dry running and starting automatically at a specified level, energy use can be optimized and wear can be reduced.